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The Three Destroyers

Here are ‘Three Destroyers’ of a teacher's sphere of influence:

The Three Destroyers of a Teacher's Sphere of Influence

The Destroyers:

They Don’t Like Me

They Won’t Follow My Directive

They Are Not Convinced

Solution to the Problem of: “They Don’t Like Me”

  • They regularly need one of these“gifts”: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, and tangible gifts

  • They need to see in you their future goal appearance and goal aspirations

Solution to the Problem of: “They Won’t Follow My Directive”

  • They need to agree to a “smaller” commitment before agreeing to the “bigger” commitment

  • They will respond to minimizing pain over gaining pleasure

Solution to the Problem of: “They are Not Convinced”

  • They need to see evidence (real life example or videos) of others convinced in your directive

  • They need to see evidence of your authority in the subject area of your expertise

Video Evidence: Theory on Creating a Positive Association

Video Evidence: Theory on Motivating Action

Video Evidence: Theory on Lowering Anxiety

Key Studies: Theories on Sphere of Influence

Based off of the works of Raven/French (1959) and Cialdini (1984).

The Three Destroyers of My Sphere of Inf
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